Saturday, July 16, 2016

the new family at 2043

I spoke with Jason Heberlein the other day. Getting ready to give him the scoop in the form of an illustrated summation of events.

water damage to car port

Proof of all the unseen damage. Ice damming on the roof as well and the foundation and water in the basement. Serious floor damage underneath the upstairs tile and mold underneath the upstairs bathroom and behind the walls in the front bedroom. faulty electrical as well. There are other structural deficiencies and hazards outside underneath the blacktop. A 25 foot radius pit under the recap.

all the windows were replaced under the waldhaus ownership flip and zillo doesn't reflect that expense in the report. 

5 -7 -2009

Price for the summation: $119,000 cash for the seller waldhaus to remit.

you'll also see a main support beam in the basement that is split horizontally along with bats (guana) in the attic. They fly around in the front storage closet and can hear them in the upstairs ceiling  You can hear them in the kitchen ceiling as well.

all waterspouts were replaced by me. front and back of carport and house.

If the roof hasn't changed, you'll see hail damage on the top of the back windows on the second floor and the roof itself. Those things may have been covered by paint, along with the siding painted as well.

kemner drained under carport
Michael elbe and frank waldhaus had plenty of opportunities to ask me about every nook in the house. All they cared about after dean peters was run off by elbe, were dollar signs, bottom lines and getting Cora, sean and me out of my home. My house was indirectly hijacked.

Amy Lannerd was also a co-conspirator as she represented waldhaus and elbe at various times.

Can you cay "full disclosure" when selling? 

I have intense images on facebook, shutterfly and photobucket for future references.

 "You can say here for 7 months but you'll have to leave in the winter time" - Frank Waldhaus in a conversation with cora and sean.


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