Saturday, April 6, 2013

Contract for Deed

This one of those things that mike failed to mention. Cora would be getting her disability backpay and with the gifts, we could have recovered our home. But as always, a ruthless shark in dolphins skin made sure that we didn't have enough all at once to make that happen. It was all just stall tactics with Dean Peters being used to get in the door. Oh, Dene offered me $40,000 for my house then Mike ran him off and offered me $50,000. I could, among other things,  have had a bidding war between those two. But mike made sure that didn't happen by telling Dene that I didn't have to decide now. Then walked out and talked to him on the street.

Here's the sales contract that he threw at me a few days later. Then claimed to go back and forth with larry ehnen

I mean really. The guy gets $102,000 salary working as the vice president of 

So how much is too much....Especially when you prey on the ignorance of a disabled student. 

All I know is that his character defect was riding high.

The Larry files (Twin Mills Investments) that prove that I tried to pay my real estate taxes but wasn't allowed to unless I had the lump sum. I even pleaded with him to let me make payments.

This is why Larry is the Property Predator

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