Sunday, April 7, 2013

true help

What cora and I wanted to do was have mike get our Home redeemed and us pay him back for redeeming it. But Patty Adam and Mike had other plans for themselves and us. They suggested moving us into a run down trailer. I mean, if you had seen it you would have puked. You could smell the sewer backed up from the street (and this was in the winter time). There was food left out rotting as well as food left in the fridge and rodents everywhere. All while we had our son (who was only a month old) if we moved in.  They suggested it as a fixer. But the amount we were getting was only enough to buy it.  Mike wasn't going to give us the remaining $12,500 until next year due to his claim of a tax rule not allowing it. But decided to do so now and demands that an "I haven't wronged you" clearance of claims paper be signed before Cora gets the $12,500. 

We had to sign the paper under duress and we brought that to Amy's attention. So she put that in the contract to make that we couldn't duress. My opinion is that she's and aiding and abetting lawyer that takes advantage of people (Cora) with limited mental capabilities.


 Patty was due to profit from the sale of the trailer.. Most likely Mike gave her a piece of the action $$$ anyway.

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