Wednesday, July 31, 2013

can the mentally ill sign contracts

This is what voids the contract that clears michael elbe of ANY wrongdoing in regards to the purchase and sale of 2043 elm st, quincy, il 62301.

Cora Newbold has been and is mentally disabled. He and his attorney, both knew of it BEFORE she prompted him to have Cora and I sign the contract. It was in order for cora to receive the remaining $12,500 of the gift. 

A release of claims was never spoken of until a week before the contract was suggested.

Lannerd also made sure that she put in that cora was mentally stable and that she couldn't claim duress.

Cora had no idea what she was signing...She's not a lawyer and had no time to get one for the purpose of reviewing the clearance of claims. That was the only day she was allowed to sign it or the deal was off, according to Lannerd.

We weren't allowed to leave with the contract unsigned.

That's why I filed an investigation against Lannerd

Remember, that it was mandated by Larry Ehmen that she receive the gift in order for Elbe to obtain the title to the house. That was the deal.

Larry wanted to do that just to motivate Elbe to recover his money by selling the house. Knowing that in his mind that we could never pay it back to redeem our home.

Elbe tried getting out of giving Cora the remaining $12,500 by using it a as a rent credit (charging us $700 per month) so we could stay at the house. Such a sly dog. But I saw it...

(see rental scenarios) 

Taking the house away from us in the end was Ehmens motive. But as I always say. House thief Larry has always been a creep in my book...

Larry has been buying peoples delinquent taxes and taking their homes for the last 8 years...


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