Tuesday, July 16, 2013

persuant to mike elbe fax on 3 25 2013

Here is the evidence showing the truth.  Mike Elbe was made aware that Cora Newbold has a claim pending with Social Security regarding her mental issues. A claim with the use of an attorney that dates back to 2012. Cora was a student that the College he worked. He was well aware of her condition prior to his actions regarding the home and his attorney mandating Cora sign a release of claims for her to get her gift. Cora had no clue what it meant. All that she knew was that it had to be signed in order for her to get what was hers anyway.

The gift was part of a mandate by Larry Ehmen for Elbe to acquire the title to 2043 Elm. Cora Newbold, Sean Heeger and their son currently reside there.

Rental agreement proposals presented by Mike Elbe will be provided here at a future date. He wanted to use the remaining $12,500 for a rental credit for sean, cora and their son instead of giving them the full amount of $25,000 as it was agreed to give her.

Elbe wanted to get the title of the house and did before he would give Cora the rest of the money. He claimed there was a tax issue. then when he sold the house to Frank waldhause this year, the tax issue mysteriously disappeared.

So why would anyone need a release of claims to be signed by Cora AND SEAN if they weren't doing anything wrong?

Cora only received $24,500 instead of the full $25,000 as it was agreed by elbe and ehmen.

Mikes attorney, Amy Lannerd made the claim in the clearance of claims that I was saying and writing online bad things about mike elbe. I was forced to sign it or cora wouldn't get the gift.

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