Thursday, July 4, 2013

selling after the fact

Mike Elbe Sells the house.

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Cora & Sean,
           I would have rather told you this on the phone or in person, but that was not an option.  As promised and in honoring my word in our agreement, I have decided to go ahead and gift you the $12,500. Throughout our discussions, I have concluded that I did not want to rent to you nor did I want to evict you from the house. Therefore, I decided to sell the house for what my accountant told me would be my break-even point.  Today, I agreed and sold the house to Frank Waldhaus of Quincy. He purchased the property without seeing the inside, without any inspections or any appraisals.  He is a local gentleman who has other rental properties and I told him about your interest in renting the house. In addition, I have informed him that I will be gifting you the $12,500 so you should have a sufficient amount of money to pay rent.  He will be stopping by tomorrow to speak with you and provide appropriate documentation that he purchased the house.  Although he will make the final decision, I have asked him to talk with you about renting and keep an open mind.   
            My attorney has advised me and will prepare a “Release of Claims” document meaning this check for Cora will complete my part of our agreement.  A check made out to Cora in the amount of $12,500 will be at her office next week.  Both of you will need to sign the form at her office and they will provide you with the check and the final gift of $12,500.
Michael Elbe

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Cora Newbold <> wrote:
I didn't see this message until, well, right now.

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